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CULTURE reflects the ARTS. The ARTS reflect and preserve CULTURE




WELCOME! Please try a couple bites of these Elgar morsels and see what we hear.

This Cross pollination of all arts, fine & applied, is designed to cultivate creativity, healing, inspiration  and hopefully some straight up joy!

Below is a step by step of Elgar's Enigma Theme and Variations.  He composed it to illustrate all the personalities of his friends. It is said that the last variation is in fact Elgar himself.  He is Aurally saying, "See what you have made me?!" 

Why not use this to inspire sketches or artwork of these friends as Elgar depicts them with music? Or do they relate to your friends and people you know? What color do you feel with each variation? If each was a flower, or a font or an animal, what would each one be??? Envision a dance style for each one? A television character? My sincere hope is that already existing music masterpieces inspires you to create in any applied or fine art. Elgar did the hard work. Now you can utilize it as a framework to interpret, discover, invent, create in any art form.  You will see with each variation there is an artists visual interpretation.  Which is exactly what I am  talking about.  But why not create you own paintings reflecting how you see each variation? colors,  personality 

The possibilities are endless, but you may ask, how do I start?Start by simply writing adjectives that come to mind as you listen to each variation.  Don't think too hard, just listen and write what comes to your mind as each variation infolds.  Each one is separated into tiny size jewels/ sound bites. Take it one morsel at a time, but I suggest you continue to the next variation within a minute a minute the first time you listen, for continuity.   Remember do not  think to much.😉 This is supposed to be fun!  

So here’s the theme. I’ve listen once and started simply writing words and adjectives that came to mind for each following variation.

Variation 1”Caroline” his wife

This is his Wife Caroline according to historians. How did the feeling change? Follow instrument lines, what color are they? What is Elgar saying about her? Does he love her? As many adjectives that come to mind as you listen. Don’t think just write down, draw what you Feel Elgar is saying.

Variation 2

Variation 2: who is this? What are they doing? What is Elgar depicting? This is one where the picture might distract from a modern take on the personality Elgar is Aurally depicting.

Variation 3

What instrument is prominent? Is it simple or complex.

Variation 4

Variation 5

Variation 6

Variation 7

Variation 8

Variation 9

Variation 10

Variation 10

Variation 11

Variation 12

Variations 13


Variation 14

Elgar himself," you see what you've made me?" We are a compilation of our friends, and experiences, maybe that's the overall enigma????

Mahler 4, his aural vision of heaven. I painted what I heard. I knew it was Mahler, but couldnt remember which symphony. So I wasn't actually even thinking about heaven.Spent about 4 minutes painting while listening.

This site is designed to cultivate creativity,  healing, inspiration and hopefully some straight up joy!

Pitches on 💦 Oooh

Here is Mahler 4 Doesn't get much better than Cleveland Szell. Have a listen and See What You Hear. Let me know what you find, i'd love to hear from you.

OPTIONS: (there are no wrong answers) Paint what you hear. If this was a Font what would it be? What type of dance is this to you? What does the stage set look like if this were a visual production. What food is it? What animals appear to you? I'll post what i think soon!

Camp Cocker Rescue. Sydney and her pups! Just because I love them.

Work in progress, paintings of each of Elgars variations. I am  finally going to just do it!

Tell me if you see what I hear!!??

Composers did not write music for only a select few. They wrote it because they had something to say! to you! This site/MUSIC is for everyone! My goal is to help deepen and personalize your music listening experiences.

Artists both Fine and Applied, this is a sea of inspiration from which to create in your prefered art form. (Or something new in which you have an interest. It's like plagerism, but yet it is not, because every individual takes something unique from the great music that is out there. It is always filtered through the lens of your life experiences. I believe it's basically a template for endless creative endeavors.

Trained musicians, this is to remind you WHY you love music, why you dedicated your life to it, and  to combat burn out. Remember it's actually FUN!

My curriculum when offered in a small class format developes camraderie and inspiration. But, through your unique lens and perspective on life, love, why we are here.

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